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Muslims from all over the world…let us share our brotherhood

Muslims have certainly many things to share in common.

1. Allah

2. Our beloved prophet Muhammad [saw]

3. The Glorious Book : Al Qur’an

4. The belief in Adam & Eve as our ancestors

5. The belief in all prophets before Muhammad [saw] such as Nuh, Ibrahim, Moossa, Issa [as].

6. The believe that we all must die one day…yes, sure!!! and that we all have to give account of our actions?

Any more ideas, brothers and sisters?


Please take care and log in as often as you can…and invite your friends to come and share their ideas so that all muslims can unite

in peace and love for one another…



Please input  your name & email adds so that we can share our views and communicate with each other insha Allah. I believe that this blog can be a platform where muslims and muslimahs from all over the world can share their views and elevate themselves for the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala



16 réponses:

  1. je suis une felle moslima du maroc jaime connaitre tout les moslimins detout le monde

  2. youssef écrit:

    salam.. i’m from Morocco and i realy want to meet muslims from any side of the world

  3. shamima écrit:

    Hi. I’m Shamima from Mauritius. I’d like to get to know Muslims all over the world and have a chat about Islam. You can add me on your msn. This is also my msn add:)

  4. Mohamed Karim écrit:

    salam my sister i wish that u get HASANAT with your website by GOD will, i would thank you for this nice window for knoledg well islam also meet other people from the world who converting to islam it’s my wish! to meet muslim woman SALIHA (inchae LLAH)from any side of the world.well i’m from Morocco(Mohammedia),and have a chat about Islam=life, creation,Nature,Arts … problems:)

  5. khadija écrit:

    Salam 3alaikom « alahomaa ijma3 chamlana wawahid
    kalimatana warfa3 bina rayata al islam, amin ya rabaa
    al3alamin »

  6. Rachid écrit:

    hello the muslims from all over the looking forward to meet you and have such good freindship with you inshallah « alahoma irzo9na alkhayra ;wa la9ina ma3a ahlaho.ya arhama arahimine yarab al3alamine »

  7. Mohammad écrit:

    Salam on AlaiKom. this is a great idea « a Club for Muslims from all over the word « . i wish this weblog goes forever .
    Mohammad form IR.Iran
    P.s: I am looking for a Muslim from any where to talk with (shearing ideas and stuff like that) if u like pleas let me know

  8. Eh les garçons et les filles, je crois qu’il serait mieux d’inscrire votre email addresse sinon comment les autres vont vous contacter s’ils veulent vous parler!!

    Une meilleure idée, peut-etre????

  9. Humayra écrit:

    Assalamua’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

    Alhamdulilah its a wonderful blog you’ve made at our disposal dear ammaara, may Allah(swt) make all those who stop by benefit from it and as khadija says maybe it indeed be a platform where Muslims and Muslimahs from all over the world can share their views and elevate themselves for the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala.

  10. mohammed alamin hassan écrit:

    i will like to know more ab u thank you god blress u

  11. mohammed alamin hassan écrit:

    i am happy to join u

  12. abdallah écrit:

    salut ça va ok3aydkoum mabrouk…?

  13. Cheikh écrit:

    Chers fréres et soeurs de la grande Nation (Oumma) a traver le monde, rapprochez vous, spirituellement et culturellement les uns les autres, il est temps que le la nation de Mohamed (saws)évolue vers une unicité avérer, enréchissez vous les uns les autres de ce qu’il y a de bien fait intelectuel et culturel ( licite), chacun de nous doit poser sa piérre aux fondations l’édiffice de la grande nation de l’islam , qui fùt jadis la nation de lumiére.Et être un exemple pour les générations futur.
    Q’Allah vous préserve et éxause vos prieres. salam aleykoum wa rahmat allah.

  14. ammaara écrit:

    Masha Allah, quel beau message rempli d’espoir. Qu’Allah benisse la Ummat de Muhammad [saw]

  15. nabil écrit:

    salamo alikom خاشعا متسضعا من خشيت الله

  16. belkacem écrit:

    asalam alikom
    i am proud of speaking with new converted persons to islam bye

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