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islamic medicine for ear and nose problem

26 décembre, 2008
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Sometimes we have ear problem such as: pain or inflammation or nose running, cold  etc.

Take some olive oil

Read any surah from the quran
Heat it a little [so that you can stand the heat]

With  a cotton bud, drop some oil and pour it in your nose or ear

Masha Allah, the warm oil can do miracle and remove all illnesses


3 septembre, 2007
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Naming after a Prophet


Hadith – Sahih Al-Bukhari 8.218, Narrated Abu Musa  dans enfants ranhu

I got a son and I took him to the Prophet saaws-long dans islamic injunctions who named him Ibrahim, and put in his mouth the juice of a date fruit (which be himself had chewed, and invoked for Allah’s blessing upon him, and then gave him back to me. He was the eldest son of Abu Musa.

Hadith – Abu Dawood, Narrated AbuWahb al-Jushami ranhu

The Prophet saaws-long: Call yourselves by the names of the Prophets. The names dearest to Allah are Abdullah and AbdurRahman, the truest are Harith and Hammam, and the worst are Harb and Murrah.


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